If I cannot save your business money....you pay me NOTHING!

Services Offered


At BizExec we pride ourselves with the vast array of valuable services and savings that we can offer our clients. Many of our services are focused on saving the client time, money, and eliminating the headache of having to hire a payrolled executive or employee to perform the work we do. Imagine for a moment if you did not have to pay your employee unless he or she actually made you money?! That is why using BizExec is priceless!

Our "No Fee" program is just as it sounds. You will pay us absolutely NOTHING if we cannot save you any money. Upon qualifying as a "No Fee" client, your company will undergo a personal review to find valuable efficiencies and savings. The services that we offer under our "No Fee" Program include - 

        Vendor and Subcontractor Contract Review
•        Employee and Company Benefits Analysis
•        Payroll and Labor Cost Efficiency Review
        Real Estate and Lease Review (if any)
        Existing Funding and Loan Savings Program
        Direct Overhead and Expense Review
        COGS Analysis and Savings Audit
        Corporate Efficiency Review
        Marketing and Advertising Assessment
        Cost-Run-Build and Product Profitability Inspection
        Merger and Acquisition Representation and Consulting
        Capital and Private Investor Portfolio Scan
•        Private Offering and Public Offering Launch

•        Banking and Merchant Services Review
•        Legal and General Counsel Referral Service

We also offer additional services to our clients under separate programs. These cost effective services vary, depending on the size of your business. Some services may be provided at a large discount, or at no cost if your business meets additional guidelines! These services are as follows - 

•         Comprehensive Business Plan Development
•         Detailed Operational Plan  
•         Business Safety Plan and Employee Training
•         Organization Plan and Staffing Structuring
         Executive and Management Placement or Removal
•         Temporary Executive Officer or Management Staffing
Employee Handbook and Benefits Development
•         Employee Motivational Planning and Presentations

         R&D Analysis and Planning
•         New Product Development and Execution
•         Sales and Marketing Training and Planning  

         Information Technology Review and Planning
         Website Development and Internet Sales Plan
•         Business Expansion and Business Development
         Supply Chain Management Improvement Plan
         Inventory Review and Point of Sale Planning
         Accounting and Financial Adjustment Input
         Turn-Around and Distressed Company Planning
•         Product / Inventory Loss Mitigation and Investigation
•         Business Consulting and Coaching Services
•         Active Board Member Services
•         M&A Consulting and Marketing
•         Exclusive Public Relations Representation
•         Patent / Copyright Development 

BizExec can help you with all of your business solutions! Our honest and reliable experts will provide you with a healthier and more competitive business that will achieve its objectives timely and within budget. With increased profitability, strengthened company fundamentals and higher performance, your business will place fear in the competition!

If you believe that you may qualify under our Client Qualifications please fill out the Questionnaire for a no cost, no obligation, review of your business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!