If I cannot save your business money....you pay me NOTHING!

About BizExec

What We Do

BizExec provides in-depth professional business consultation services. Our main objective is to review your expenses, business structure and operating procedures to find ways to save you money. Our second objective is to review your entire business structure and recommend improvements in organizational development, products, or service fundamentals. If you become a qualified client and if we are unable to save you money than you pay us absolutely nothing! That is how confident we are that we can find efficiencies and savings!  

Experience Matters 

BizExec was founded in 1997 by an award winning entrepreneur who owned one of the nations fastest growing firms. His Inc. 500 firm won countless awards for growth, integrity, Service and business ethics. His concept of pay-for-results is revolutionary in the consulting industry. No other consulting firm offers a program like ours. In fact, even consulting firms have hired us to consult THEM on how to run their businesses better.

The Process

After a comprehensive review of your business we will introduce several achievable plans that clearly lay out the objectives and the amount of savings to propel your business forward.  These distinct and personalized plans are created based on your individual business needs. Once a plan is agreed upon we will then help you make the changes necessary! Most other consultants simply give quick and basic written recommendations and collect their fee and walk away... NOT us ... we actually help you make the changes! Some of these steps may include vendor relations, RFQ/RFP processes, access to funding and private investor portfolios, operational planning, supply chain management, information technology improvements, marketing and advertising reviews, inventory optimization, R&D analysis / planning, and many other services (see Services Offered for a full list of what we can do for you).

How We Get Paid

Under our "No Fee" program we have NO hourly rates, NO hidden fees, NO reimbursements and NO monthly retainer payments. We only get paid if we can save you money! If we fail at our objective than we were not worth paying to begin with...right? Our fee's are based on a percentage of the savings. That means that you will MAKE money on our services. If you would like to see if you qualify for our "No Fee" program please fill out the Questionnaire and we will contact you promptly. We also provide many other business services on a set-fee arrangement, so you know what you are gaining before you commit. You have absolutely nothing to lose by using our services and everything to gain. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Question for additional information on how we get paid.

BizExec can also be compensated through stock options or other compensation packages on a case-by-case basis. Please Contact Us for additional information.